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Sarasota Florida Live Wedding Painter 2022

Sarasota Florida Live Wedding Painter 2022

LIVE Wedding Painter
Acrylic on Canvas
Venue: Powel Crosley Estate- Sarasota Bay, FL

What a gorgeous beach front luxury estate in West Coast Florida! I worked from the photographer, Tara Tomlinson, photos of the wedding. I took a couple of different photos and combined them together. I wanted to showcase a view that couldn't be seen from one perspective, so I used the view of the venue and put the ocean view behind the venue. I also took a photo of the couple having 1st dance and placed them in an open area on the patio that filled in the negative space evenly. I was focused on creating interesting negative space. I also wanted to show off the bistro lights that were hung all over the venue. It really helped create a romantic evening scene with dramatic lighting. This was actually a wedding gift from a sibling of the groom. One of the wonderful parts of giving a wedding painting from photo is the couple gets to brainstorm what moments were their favorite with hindsight. They also are able to take multiple photos and mash them together to create an all encompassing scene.  

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