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Meet Heather

My whole life I have loved art!  My first day of Kindergarten, my parents asked me what I hoped to do at school that day. I responded by saying, "I want to paint, paint a picture for my sister." I studied art in college and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education from Tennessee Tech University in 2006. I then taught high school art for 5 years. In the summer of 2012 I made the choice to start my own business!

I specialize in creating customized pet portraits based on YOUR pet's photos.  Those who see my pet portraits in person can’t help but glide their fingers across the textured surface, wondering what it’s made of.  The answer is simple: custom paper! To be more specific, I use high-end exotic papers from all around the world.  My collages are designed with high-end papers and then embellished with paint, fabric, and more.  Each piece is creative, special, and one-of-a-kind!  My goal is to create more than just a photo-realistic portrait of your pet; it's to capture the essence of your pet by using an artistic interpretation of your pet that is both charming and playful!

All too often, people have special photos tucked away in boxes or in photo books on the shelf.  I work with pet owners to create a larger than life, customized portrait of their pet that serves as a loving reminder of their pet and true piece of art. I hope that my art will bring joy to every pet owner I work with. I hope people can enjoy our pet paintings for a lifetime; remembering and celebrating their life.  So send me a picture of your pet and I'll send you a CollageAPet!

Heather Wolfe