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Real-Time Wedding Painter - Marblegate Farms

Real-Time Wedding Painter - Marblegate Farms

Live Wedding Painting
24"x36" Horizontal Layout
Marblegate Farms Venue East Tennessee
Acrylic on Canvas Horizontal

LIVE Wedding Painting is such a unique way to capture the a moment from your wedding and entertain your guest during the reception! I love when my couple's have unique ideas for customizing their painting with specific request! This client wanted to have the moment they when bride and groom are walking down the else the first time just announced Mr. & Mrs! They requested I incorporate the bridal party, parents and center pieces from the reception tables in the composition. One special request the couple had was, the groom's dad had passed away and they wanted to incorporate the "In memory of..." chair to represent him in the painting. This is such a sweet way to bring loved one into the painting that was not physically there on the wedding day. 

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