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Painting From Wedding Photo - Williams

Painting From Wedding Photo - Williams

Painting From Wedding Photo - Williams
Waupaca, WI
Acrylic on Canvas

Bride's Wedding Day Story

“The day of the wedding, tornados wrecked havoc across middle WI. Right where our wedding was supposed to be! The entire area lost power, roads were underivable and the area was a disaster. It took us hours to make it to my brothers house where the wedding was supposed to be held which typically was a 20 min trip from our hotel. We sat there, on our "wedding day" trying to piece together things and still make it work. We contemplated having the wedding with the few people who made it there.

We finally made a hard decision (hard for me) to push the wedding off until the next day in hope that power would be restored and some guests could make it. The next day, things did NOT go as planned... all of my flowers and tulle were left in boxes and things weren't decorated as planned... I was late for my own wedding!

One of our wedding gifts was a hand painted wedding portrait of our choice by Heather Wolfe Art. We were excited about this gift but little did we know at the time how much it would really mean to us. A few weeks ago, after a lot of debate, we finally picked out the picture we wanted Heather to paint. I emailed it to her and thought that the decision was finalized. She reached out to me to talk more about it and opened up a whole new look for me. She knew what we went through and said, "What if I painted your picture the way it was supposed to have looked?" That got our wheels turning.

I sent her pictures of the flowers and designs I had in mind for our decor that never got put up. She took my thoughts and painted it exactly, heck even better, than I could have ever imagined. She made my big day a reality in her work! This picture means more to us than she will ever know.”


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