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Live Wedding Painting Inside A Cave 2022

Live Wedding Painting Inside A Cave 2022

LIVE Wedding Painter
Acrylic on Canvas
Venue: Ruskin Cave Wedding Venue - Dickson,  TN

Well this is the first! Ruskin Cave Wedding Venue might be the most unique and unexpected place to get married... INSIDE A CAVE!!! This property has been many things over the years, but now it is a beautiful property to host a wedding! I wanted to show case both the outside ceremony site and the inside of the cave so I rearranged the composition of the painting to showcase both! I loved the experience of painting inside of a cave because the lighting of the twinkled bistro lights and the sounds of the trickling water was so peaceful and romantic. 

Not only was the location of the wedding in a special venue, the bride wanted to surprise her groom with having me paint his late mom into the painting. She sent me photos of his mom from years past for me to reference. I was able to superimpose her into the painting with the other parents as if she was there on his wedding day. 

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