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Artist Paints Live at Wedding - Maypop Fields

Artist Paints Live at Wedding - Maypop Fields

Live Wedding Painter -New Tazewell, TN
24"x36" Horizontal Layout
Maypop Fields Wedding and Event Venue
Acrylic on Canvas

This couple was affected by the 2020 Covid shutdowns and had to move their date, venue, and STATE to accommodate! I was so blown away by how graceful they handled the changes! It was an honor to create their dream painting capturing their 1st kiss in front of the venue with the cake in the window, along with the parents in the foreground. I had to superimpose the venue behind the couple/ceremony site because the layout of the venue grounds were spread out. This is one of the most unique parts of paintings, I can add different elements together that didn't happen that way in reality. Each painting is custom and unique to the clients wishes!

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