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Downtown Knoxville Live Wedding Painter 2022

Downtown Knoxville Live Wedding Painter 2022

LIVE Wedding Painter
Acrylic on Canvas
Venue: The Standard Event Venue - Downtown Worlds Fair Park Knoxville, TN

When the groom reached out a few months before the wedding he had a really sweet and sentimental idea for his wedding painting. He told me a very heartfelt and difficult story of how his future father-in-law had just recently passed away. He wanted me to incorporate the bride's dad into the painting if he was there on the wedding day. The groom shared with me that he had only met the father a couple of times but never had a photo taken with him. My painting was going to be the only time the two would appear in the same scene. The groom planed the sweetest way of totally surprising the bride with not only me painting the wedding but also including her dad into the composition. 

The night of the wedding we had planed a very special moment before the ceremony started to introduce myself and tell her about her gift. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. Everyone could feel the love and gentle-hearted spirit of the groom and how much he wanted to love his bride by giving her such a sentimental gift. I was intentional to incorporate the "orange sunset sky" that was the sign the bride had said was a sign of her dad looking down on her. 

It was an absolute honor to make a moment happen of the groom and father-in-law appear in the same composition that had never been done before. This painting was incredibly emotional and so sweet. 




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