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+ Additional People

+ Additional People

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Did you know that a significant portion of our mind is dedicated to recognizing people's faces and their emotions?  

Small amounts of paint, or even the texture of the canvas, can substantially alter a person's appearance.  Once I capture the perfect moment for the painting, I work to capture each additional figure in their own best light.  One of the most exciting things I get to do, is to add people who are not physically present (even those who are no longer with us).  I can use past photos to reflect their presence in your painting today.

I offer varying levels of detail:

Unidentifiable style is intended to show groups of people selected by the artist and without faces. This works well for showing an audience, crowd, or musicians.

Impressionistic style is "painterly" and suggestive of an identifiable person with basic facial features.  This is a good choice for a family members, bridal party, pets, and loved ones.

Enhanced style captures more accurate and recognizable detail and facial expressions. The size of the canvas and other factors may affect the detail level. Please contact me to discuss this option.

Realistic style is my highest level of detail and quality.  This is typically reserved for the bride and groom, or the subject of the painting. The size of the canvas and other factors may affect the detail level. Please contact me to discuss this option.

Portraying the people you care about most requires careful detail, even when they are painted in an impressionistic style.  That's why I give you the option to choose how to include people in your painting.  I will review your options for additional guests during our consultation after your booking, so there is no need to make your decision until that time.

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    Choosing a size

    Smaller Canvases: 18”x18” and 24”x24”
    Popular sizes are also great for hanging a series.

    Larger Canvases: 30”x30” and up
    Substantial enough to hang alone on a wall or above couch. 

    If you are unsure of size for a live painting, order the smaller size and you can discuss whether to upgrade during your consultation call.