Painting Layout Options Continued

The following is very specific options for your painting. 


What moment during ceremony would you like captured?
Some common moments are: prayer, ring exchange, first kiss, just announced Mr. & Mrs., walking down the else, etc.
(Emotions) Left: Traditional/Formal Middle: Intimate/Romantic Right: Fun/Candid

Kiss Type

There are many types of kiss options. Here are two examples of a kiss with a dip and kick a foot out or a kiss leaning back. 


First dance is a very popular moment to capture during reception. If you are planing to do any choreographed dance I would love to know a specific moment you would like captured, such as a spin or dip! While first dance is going on I will be capturing the moment with a video to then make a freeze-frame screen shot from. 

One way to showcase the reception area is to have a candid moment of you and your spouse at the head table enjoying an intimate moment. If this is the option you are interested in what decorations do you want included? Florals, tables, guest, lights, etc.?

One thing to mention when choosing the moment of an "Exit" or "Send-off" is the timing of events. This is actually a difficult moment to capture because it is the last moment of the wedding. I wouldn't be able to paint in the moment until it has happened. One way around the time limitation is to do a "Fake Send-off" earlier in the night for the sole purpose of capturing the moment while there is still hours left for the reception.

Specific Scene at the Venue

Many time couples pick a wedding venue because they loved the property. This might be a great option if you love a specific scene at your venue. I can superimpose the you in the foreground and showcase your venue in the background. 

When to Choose a Vertical Canvas?

If you are debating having a vertical or a horizontal layout this might help you decide! If you have a venue that is taller that it is wider, has very tall ceilings, interesting rafters or chandeliers you might want to consider vertical. Another great reason to pick vertical is when you have chosen to only have the couple in the painting. Having a vertical layout will help reduce the "background/negative space". Sometimes having too much negative space can feel like something is missing on undeveloped.

If you have chosen to include guest, how will they be oriented?

If you choose to include guest in your painting, think about which direction do you want your guest facing? If your guest are facing the arbor, the viewer will see the backside of their heads. You can also have the guest facing the viewer to you can see their faces. If you are interested in adding crowds of people, here is the link

  • Are the guest standing or sitting?

If you choose to include guest, you have the option of having the guest sitting or standing. One thing to mention is, even if the guest where not sitting/standing during the ceremony I am able to have them placed in the painting however you want even if it was different than reality. 

Night Sky vs Sunset Sky


For the paintings that are outside, I usually paint a simple blue sky with white clouds, but if you wish to have an evening sky or sunset sky it is helpful to know how "dark" or "colorful" you want your sky to be. It is always helpful to send me a photo of a sample sky to reference if you have a strong preference for how the sky will look.