Custom Painted Pet Portrait

Based off of YOUR photo and pet, it's made with unique papers and paint!

I transform your favorite photo of your beloved pet into a custom piece of art.  I collage with high-end exotic papers from around the world, embellished with paint, fabric, and more.  My unique artistic interpretation captures the essence of your pet for an everlasting memory.

How It Works

Pet Painting Sizes

Smaller Canvases: 18”x18” and 24”x24”
The most popular sizes; great for series of pets grouped together.

Larger Canvases: 30”x30” and up
Substantial enough to hang alone on a wall or above couch.  

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Artist / Owner

My work spans across the globe, notably including: CJ the German Shorthaired Pointer (Best In Show Westminster), Gia the Greyhound (Best In Show National Dog Show), Rojo the Therapy Llama (Portland, OR).

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Gallery of hand painted pet portraits.

I have helped hundreds of pet owners around the globe who asked, "Where can I get a custom painting of my pet?"