Painting Layout Options

My goal with these example is to help you think about some basics of planning out your painting. I wanted to remind you there is no "Right or Wrong" way of planning out your painting, it is all personal preference! I want to be the catalyst to hep your vision come to life! Also, get creative, think outside the box and I welcome your ideas! Let's start with some basic preferences and then move into some specifics! Each topic has examples to show the different paintings I have done in the past. I also suggest visiting my gallery and/or instagram for more examples!

Moment to Paint

A good place to start is, what moment would you like painted?
Ceremony: First kiss, prayer, ring exchange, just announced Mr. & Mrs., walking down the aisle.
Reception: Entering the reception site, dancing, sitting at head table.
Venue: Couple in foreground of the painting with the venue showcased in the background. 


The standard base package includes two people (the couple) as shown in the top left example.

The lower example required an additional upgrade: 20 identifiable people and 30 unidentifiable people.

Some people prefer the painting to be intimate and only include the couple. Others want to add crowds of guests. You can upgrade your package to include as many guest as you wish! There are two options for adding additional people, impressionistic and unidentifiable.

Vertical or Horizontal

Think about your moment you are wanting painted. Would a vertical or horizontal orientation work better? Vertical is a really great way to show off the height of a space. This would be a great option if you are wanting to show t chandeliers or a vaulted ceiling.  Horizontal is a classic option for showing off a wide shot. If you plan of including a lot of guest you might need the horizontal layout so there is plenty of space to show off your guest.


Zooming in on the couple is a great way to show high detail on the couple's face. You can have the couple close up in the foreground with the guest in the mid-ground and the environmental setting in the background. Notice in the zoomed out option you don't see detailed facial features because the figures are so small. The size of your canvas has a lot to do with how large the figures can be. If you are interested in upgrading sizes, please let me know so I can update your package.


Left: Traditional/Formal
Middle: Intimate/Romantic
Right: Fun/Candid
Bottom: The scene might be a combination

Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical

When you are considering your "layout", one thing to think about is the balance of the painting. Are you more drawn to symmetrical vs asymmetrical compositions? 

I also have more specific prompts, and to see other ideas visit my gallery and/or instagram for more examples!