Planning a LIVE Wedding Painting

Painting Examples


Before the Wedding:

  • Artist will confirm with you that your date is reserved (in addition to the automatic order confirmation)!
  • Artist will make necessary arrangements for travel and hotel and order materials.
  • Artist will reach out to schedule a phone call consultation call ~3 weeks before your date. The call usually takes under an hour. Schedule Now.
  • You must ensure timely payment. Payment in full is required before your event and refunds cannot be issued if you cancel.
  • You need to send the artist a copy of the timeline & contacts before consultation:
    • Schedule of events (timeline)
    • Venue contact (name and number)
    • Event planner (name and number)
  • You can brainstorm ideas for your painting.

Day of Wedding:

  • Artist will arrive 2 hours before ceremony to set-up at a single location and start sketches/painting.
  • Artist will be on-site for up to 6 hours and finishing by 9pm.
  • Artist will encourage guests to interact by watching, asking questions, and taking photos.
  • Artist will invite the couple to make a forever brush-mark and have the photographers and videographer capture the special moment.

After the Wedding:

  • Artist typically completes the painting 3-8 weeks after the wedding from studio. 
  • Artist will send photos/videos for your final approval before gloss coating is applied.
  • Artist will confirm delivery address before shipping.
  • All shipments will require a signature for delivery.
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Details for the Venue/Planner:

The majority of the painting is completed during the event while providing guest entertainment. Here's what the artist needs from you:

  • At least 10'x10' space on the floor plan in the reception area (or the area that guests are expected to remain the longest). 
  • Space with shelter from weather (rain/sun) and located away from the DJ/band's speakers due to the sound vibrations on the canvas. 
  • Access to an outlet for low wattage lights and phone charger. (Artist will bring a 25' extension cord)
  • A chair. (A padded chair is always appreciated)

What you can expect:

  • Artist is tidy and will provide an area rug to cover and protect the floor.
  • Artist will need to take photos of the couple/moment/guests during the event as needed for the painting. Artist is mindful of the other photographers and videographers space and view. 
  • Artist liability insurance coverage up to $1M. (Certificate available if needed)