Commission Artwork

Commission Artwork

Commission Artwork

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  • 16"x20" or 18"x18" or 18"x24" / Enhanced: $650.00
  • 16"x20" or 18"x18" or 18"x24" / Complex: $1,200.00
  • 24"x24" or 20"x30" / Enhanced: $900.00
  • 24"x24" or 20"x30" / Complex: $1,700.00
  • 24"x36" or 30"x30" / Enhanced: $1,300.00
  • 24"x36" or 30"x30" / Complex: $2,450.00
  • 36"x36" or 30"x40" / Enhanced: $1,900.00
  • 36"x36" or 30"x40" / Complex: $3,400.00
  • 36"x48" or 48"x48" / Enhanced: $3,200.00
  • 36"x48" or 48"x48" / Complex: $5,700.00

If you have your own idea, I'd love to hear about it!  From custom backgrounds, addition of children or relatives, and many other unique ideas.

Enhanced: Most common.  One or two figures in enhanced detail.  Landscapes, simple architecture, and pets.  Up to three source images.  Optional upgrade to collage technique.

Complex: Own a masterpiece.  Up to six figures in enhanced detail.  Detailed landscapes, complex architecture, and intricate details.  Up to eight source images with a larger canvas size.

Pricing is approximate.  Contact me to confirm details.

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