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Live Wedding Artist - East TN

Live Wedding Artist - East TN

Live Wedding Painting- Huntsville, TN
Acrylic on Canvas

This LIVE painting was backyard wedding that was far from simple. The family transformed the property into a beautiful venue. They had the cutest ice cream truck serving delicious desserts, a restored Model T car for the bride and grooms get away car, and decor thats totally transformed the backyard into a colorful garden. The couple wanted to have a scene that included all the fun details of the wedding. This was unique because a single photo couldn't capture all of the details. During the wedding I snapped photos of all the different details. I worked from multiple photos to create a scene they could all be seen together. That is one of the most unique reasons to have a live wedding painter! I can capture things in a painting that a traditional photograph isn't capable of! I love creating custom pieces of art that are unique and tailored to the couple's request. 

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